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Tues: Lockhill Crossings

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Avocet Apts.

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Thurs: iHeart Media

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Alamo Ranch Apts.

5p - 8p

Fri: Oaks on Silicon

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Sat: Lost Pines Knife Show

​11a - 5p


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August 5, 2016

Hey guys! The Lada Ladies Food Truck set up at Basis- San Antonio Medical Center! We had such a great time, although once again that heat was intense!! The staff members, families, and students were so kind, it was a privilege to be there for their "First Friday" Social Event. We served our delicious Chicken & Beef 'Lada Wraps, Nachos, and Fried Cheesecake. Thanks for having us, and until next time...

​                                 -Elaine

​​'Lada blog

August 28, 2016

So the cool thing about having a sister for a chef is that you never know what she is going to cook, but you always knew it was going to be good! Well the neat thing about having a business partner as a chef is always getting to be a part of the tastings!!! So my sister, the chef has come up with more creations for the Lada Ladies! We have what are called 'Lada Bites & 'Lada Rolls! Let's just say they are FABULOUS. Anyone who has a toddler knows how much of a picky eater they can be. Well my son, Oliver, LOVES them, and that's saying a lot! If you have already tried our 'Lada Wraps (and loved them) then you are definitely going to love our 'Lada Bites & 'Lada Rolls! I included some pictures so you all can get an idea of the finger-licking, flavorful yumminess that awaits you! We will be selling our 'Lada Rolls at the San Marcos Pride Fest on September 10, 2016! I'll let you all know how it goes in case you can't make it out there! Until then.,.

​                          -Elaine