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DEC 16, 2016

​Hi friends!! We were invited to set up our food truck outside the LBJ Building in Austin, Texas today! We had a really great time had such an excellent turn out! It was such a pleasure to provide lunch to the TX Comptrollers' employees and many more! We will be back at that spot on January 13th, so I hope you guys can make it out there and check us out! 

​            -Elaine

NOV 30, 2016 - DEC 3, 2016

Hi everyone!! Well it was that time again for Sights and Sounds of Christmas in San Marcos, Texas!! We had such a phenomenal time! The first two nights were an absolute success and blast! Unfortunately on Friday we had a few showers during the event that quite a few people got drenched with cold rain! =-( Saturday was nothing but freezing cold showers, and the organization decided to cancel the event in its entirety. So that part was pretty upsetting, especially since a lot of little ones were scheduled to perform and many vendors rely on this festival for their years' non-profit earnings. Apparently this is the 2nd time they have had to cancel the festival in 30 years, so I'm sure it was disappointing all around.

​After having said that, we honestly had a great time! We had so many returning customers and that meant so much to us. One, that they remembered us, and two that they really enjoyed our food! We are definitely looking forward to next year and pray for NO RAIN!! Until next time...

​            -Elaine

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