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 Sun: Closed


Mon: Prep


Tues: Lockhill Crossings

11a - 1:30p

Avocet Apts.

​5p - 8p 

​Wed: Closed


Thurs: iHeart Media

11a - 1:30p

Alamo Ranch Apts.

5p - 8p

Fri: Oaks on Silicon

11a - 1:30p


Sat: Lost Pines Knife Show

​11a - 5p


Muchas Gracias,

​         ​-Las Chicas


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january 2018

Well, 2018 is off to a great start! January started off a little slow for us, but it has picked up and we are on our way to getting busy again!! Thank you all who keep coming out and finding us! We are working on getting a more routine schedule for us, so you all can have more opportunities to find our deliciousness! 

We have returned to some our great spots and have been well received! We also set up at a few new places and have met so many new people! ​Some of the new places we visited were NOBU Apartments on Bulverde and Security Service HQ off of La Cantera Parkway in San Antonio! 

We also brought back our weekly specials! They weren't necessarily gone,...they were just placed on the back burner for a moment, because we were super busy! Annnnnd I guess that isn't necessarily a bad thing...but tu sabes! (You know!) 

So, now that the weather seems to be cooperating again, and the year is rolling on, we will be participating in more festivals and outdoor events! We will keep you all posted! Enjoy our mini slideshow and Enchilada you later!