May 6, 2017

Hey there! What a beautiful Sunday it was! Hope you were able to get out there and enjoy it until it gets crazy hot! Speaking of hot, we were out at the Mission Marquee Plaza yesterday and it sure was warm! I guess it was giving us an introduction as to what the summer is going to bring us!! They were showing Star Wars: Rogue One, and it was a really cool outdoor theater! They kicked off their season last night and we had the privilege of being the Food Truck out there! We were joined by a shaved ice truck as well as a cotton candy truck! It was so much fun and we were glad we took part! Until next time.....

​                                 -Elaine

April 30, 2017

Happy May!! Okay so maybe it is officially tomorrow, but hey we are almost there! Hope you were able to get outside today and enjoy this wonderful weather! 
Here is what is going on with us:
We travelled to Driftwood,Texas last week to be a food vendor at the Old Settler's Music Festival! Let's just say we were EXHAUSTED by the end of the fest, but in a good way! We completely sold out and we had a blast doing it! We are definitely excited to return next year!

Yup that was a huge ice cream cone, and yup that was a huge tortilla! 
This past weekend we had the pleasure of catering a 50th Wedding Anniversary! They were such a lovely couple and had such a beautiful story, 
it was such an honor being trusted to cater such a meaningful event. 

We have added a few things to our food truck daily specials menu! Pictured below is our Chicken 'Lada Bowl! It consists of exactly what you would find in our Wrap MINUS the tortilla! This gem is perfect for our gluten-free customers or if you are just looking to cut a few calories from your dish! :)

Along with our Chicken, we have Beef and Veggie 'Lada Bowls!  Come find us at one of our stops and get yourself one! 

 where to find us this week:










 Sun: Closed


Mon: Prep


Tues: Lockhill Crossings

11a - 1:30p

Avocet Apts.

​5p - 8p 

​Wed: Closed


Thurs: iHeart Media

11a - 1:30p

Alamo Ranch Apts.

5p - 8p

Fri: Oaks on Silicon

11a - 1:30p


Sat: Lost Pines Knife Show

​11a - 5p


Muchas Gracias,

​         ​-Las Chicas


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