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october 8-13, 2016

Hey guys! Well the Lada Ladies took over New York for a week and it was a blast! Now I am going to start off by saying nothing beats Texas, but it was nice to get away for a little while and experience something different. We went to NY for our Mommas birthday and tried to eat our way through the entire city! Not much of a surprise but the food wasn't all that great! I guess it is because we are spoiled here in Texas, and not used to paying $30 for a deli sandwich!! Look...NY is crazy expensive and more power to the people who can afford to live there, BUT I am the kind of person that if I am about to fork over $19 for a slice of pizza and a fountain drink (NO REFILLS) I expect a little smile and Thank you....come on now. Other than that we had a great time and it was for our Mom so how could we resist!  I'm glad to say we have expereinced it and are home and ready to return back to reality! Enjoy our little slideshow.

​Until next time...

​            -Elaine

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october 20, 2016

BOOOOOOOO!!! Well our baby, "La Reina" got sick and needed to be taken to the Maintenance Doctor. Looks like her transmission needs to be replaced! Well our heroes at Midas are taking good care of her and hopefully be ready in time for the Planet K's Dia de Los Muertos Fireworks show! I'll keep you guys posted.


october 29, 2016

Well a little good news! Looks like our food truck, "La Reina" will be up and ready to go for Planet K's Fireworks Show at Woodlawn Lake on Wednesday! Woo hoo! So we will be out there selling our delicious comida and fresh limonda!!! 

Other good news....we are getting more of our shirts and they will be on sale soon! If you would like to pre-order, just send us and email and we will place your order! I went ahead and put a picture up so you can see front and back! We have Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, and XXXL available! Our Small to XL are $20 plus tax and 2XL & 3XL are

$22 plus tax! Until next time...


october 15, 2016

Hey guys! The Lada Ladies Food Truck set up shop at the San Marcos Pet Fest!  We had a rocky start with getting stuck by a train that was completely stopped and blocking the whole road for 45 minutes!! Fortunately we were able to get there right when the 5K ended, just in time to serve up our delicious breakfast tacos!

We ended up having a really great time and got to see some really cool & talented dogs! Man, lets just say I am definitely behind in the training of my dog. I thought the basic command 'sit' was a really big deal....I was so wrong. There was a dog that played dead after his owner yelled "bang!" Another dog sat completely still with its' owners water bottle in its mouth for about 10 minutes while the owner ordered and received her 'Lada Wrap! It was AWESOME! We also served our traditional Beef & Chicken 'Lada Wraps and fresh Lemonade! WE always seem to have a great time in San Marcos! We look forward to future events there! So, enjoy our slideshow.

Until next time...

​            -Elaine